Project Radiant Steel

Been a minute


Worked off an on; looking at when the last post was: more off than on.

What I Have Gotten Done So Far

More art

Part of what has happened is that I made a whole new model! I think I used it mostly as a way to procrastinate from other tasks, since the combat system only existed in the barest of forms when I made it.

I created a rifle model based in no small part on the pistol model from the previous post. It shares the simple geometry and texture, but will serve its purpose as both a learning experience and a placeholder until I get better art in place.

It also did prompt me to expand weapon functionality.


Overall, there are mostly aesthetic/feel updates, but killing AI is now possible.

  • Added muzzle flashes to weapons
  • Updated projectile class
    • Created an initialize funtion for bullets
    • Allows different weapons use same projectile class but have different behavior
  • Created a corpse class that is spawned when an AI dies


Got a C++ enemy working correctly with a more basic behavior tree. AI Agents are able to detect the player and pursue them, while also timing out when line of sight is broken.

What's Next

From here, I will probably try to get the AI actually using weapons. In the gif above, the AI agent does have a weapon, however, it is not attached to the hand socket. So, developing a basic combat behavior comes first, then I will move to handling player death.

Once the basic combat system is in, I will move onto un/equipping weapons then broadening that to an inventory system.