A Few Things About Me

My longer list of skills and experience. If you want work examples, see my project page.

Recent Work Experience

Storyend StudiosLead Programmer
Aug 2020 - July 2021
Burlington, VT, US

In May, we released a game on Steam called "The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O'Hare" on Steam and itch.io.

Prior to Jan 2021, I served primarily as the AI programmer and gameplay programmer. After Our game went forward out of a pool of over a dozen, we took on 9 new members (including 3 new programmers) so I shifted away from direct programming duties to take on primarily a leadership role.

Later, I served as the Lead Programmer, build master and the primary lead of the combat/AI sub-team. When possible, I filled in holes in programming duties to lighten the load on other programmers who may be overloaded for a sprint. Otherwise, I worked to oversee progress, prioritize work and maintain the repo and documentation.

Ironbelly Studios Inc Programming Intern
Jan 2020 - May 2020
Montreal, Quebec, Canada // Remote

As a programming intern, my primary focus was updating and fixing weapon asset packs for the Unreal and Unity stores. Despite the coronavirus forcing me to return to the States, I was able to finish out the back half of my internship remotely using TargetProcess, Perforce, and Discord to coordinate with my supervisor and other members of the team.

My most common tasks included:

  • Built and tested packs in new versions of the engines to prepare them for distribution
  • Fixed issues with missing or offtime animations
  • Fixed issues with missing materials
  • Fixed issues with controls such as weapon switching and firing

I was also asked to add functionality to packs and help with customer issues. Some functionality I added was different bullet hits based on materials, which I did in Unreal 4 using blueprints and their particle system. As for customer support, I was occasionally asked to help with customer support tickets by answering questions and/or trying to replicate their issues in either Unity or Unreal.

Skills and Education


Champlain College B.S. Game Programming
+ Minor in Mathematics
Burlington, VT, US
Graduated in May, 2021

Professional Training

Certification Issued By Issued In
Computer Programming IB C++ Precision Exams May, 2017
Web Development A Precision Exams May, 2017
Microsoft Technology Associate: Software Development Fundamentals Microsoft May, 2017
Microsoft Technology Associate: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Microsoft May, 2017
IT Essentials Cisco Networking Academy July, 2016

I have also gone through TestOut's Desktop Pro, PC Pro and CompTIA A+ training as well, but do not hold any of the corresponding certifications.


Programming Proficiency
C++ High
C# Moderate
GLSL Moderate
JavaScript Moderate
Assembly Minimal
C Minimal
Kotlin Minimal
Other Proficiency
HTML5 High
CSS High
jQuery Moderate
JSON Moderate
People Familiarity
English Native
German Elementary

I also learned a few French words while I was in Montreal.


Game Engine Proficiency
Unity3D High
Unreal Engine Minimal
IDEs Familiarity
Visual Studio High
Rider Moderate
Android Studio Moderate
Version Control Familiarity
Git High
Perforce Minimal
Subversion Minimal
Project Management Familiarity
Redmine High
Trello Moderate
Target Process Minimal
Art Proficiency
Photoshop Moderate
Blender Minimal
Krita Minimal
Inkscape Minimal
Other Utility Proficiency
Word/Docs High

About Me

If you would like some info on me on a more personal level

Born in the fall of 1999, I am 22 years young. Despite remembering no 90s TV shows, I still consider myself a 90s kid.

Short answer: Fallout: New Vegas

Long Answer: can change with my mood. I have sunk hundreds of hours into Fallout: New Vegas so it is probably #1 90% of the time, along with the rest of the franchise; however, The Witcher 3, Civilization 5 (which alternates with FONV for most hours played), and Metro: Exodus follow closely behind. Recently, though, the Mass Effect franchise has also become a contender for most favoritest.

Some other games I enjoy (in no particular order) are: Gris, Risk of Rain 2, Dishonored, Rimworld, and Battle Realms.

Apart from video games I have been getting into fish-keeping. I read here and there as well. I am currently exploring other non-computer related hobbies.