This portfolio site is for showing off what I have accomplished so far after (I can't do the math in my head) years of living; mostly as a programmer. Here you'll find school/personal projects, work history, and the like.

me in my backyard

Originally from Ohio, I am a game programmer interested in developing AI for games (but still love to do gameplay and system programming) and have a variety of certifications and experience in computer science at large.

I'm a fan of the Fallout franchise, simulation and strategy games (like Civ V), and love to tinker and learn about different technologies and ideas.

Here are the highlights of my experience. If you want to see more, you can see my about page for resume type stuff, or my project page for examples of work.

Language Proficiency
C++ High
C# Moderate
Assembly Novice
Dev Tools Experience
Visual Studio Extensive
Unity3D Extensive
Rider Limited
Unreal Limited
Version Control Experience
Git Extensive
Perforce Limited
Subversion Limited
Project Management Experience
Redmine Moderate
Trello Moderate
Target Process Limited